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Cheapest Import Wines in Indonesia

As wine lovers, we believe that wine is more than a drink. Wine symbolizes shared memories and stories created with good friends and family. It represents history, art and culture and the ability to travel through taste, all contained in a bottle of good wine.

We love wine, and although wine drinking is quickly gaining popularity in Indonesia, there was still something missing which prompted us to introduce Go Drinks – the brainchild of wine lovers, who appreciate quality and value, delivered direct to your door.

We are proud to be the first wine platform in Indonesia that allows you to easily select your wine and have it personally delivered to you within mere hours. Because getting a quality tipple should be easy from the get-go.
Go drinks. 


We are people of the world. We like to travel and we are passionate about our wines. We may not always have the luxury of travelling, however thankfully there is magic in the power of wine to transport you to another place and time. With this in mind, we have worked with the leading international wine makers, from France to Australia, and curated a range of premium quality wines across all price ranges for your enjoyment. Bringing the best international wines to your direct.

Every single wine in our portfolio has undergone a rigorous selection process, underseen by our team of experts who have more than 25 years experience in the wine business. We are constantly updating our selection, to make sure you have the finest wines from the best wine producing countries at a moment’s notice.


We won’t lie, it isn’t the easiest task sourcing good wine at a good price. Usually it is a difficult choice between quality or price. But, thanks to our buying power across many countries and our advanced import logistics system that spans the entire Asia, we are confidently able to offer you quality wines at the best price you will find in Indonesia. Full stop.
With no borders or laws to stop our connections you no longer need to waste time shopping around. Our customers never need to compare; from experience they know we offer only the best.


Here at Go Drinks, we want you to continue to fall in love, and enjoy each and every one of your wine purchases. Nothing brings us more joy than a happy returning customer. We also want you to spread the Go Drinks love and share the experience with your friends – as sharing is caring, especially with wine!  

We are so confident in both the high quality and selection of our wines, that we offer you a full money-back guarantee for all purchases made on Go Drinks. Zero questions asked. No hidden costs. We will even cover your freight and related costs. It really is as easy as that, with Go Drinks.

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