Business Ambassadors Program

Grow your profit by referring your business friends – As Easy as a Pie


How it works:

  1. Sign up to our Ambassadors Program. Create your account here
  2. From your dashboard, get your unique link to invite your friends to sign up and get their business account. (We will take 1-2 days to verify their business, then they will be able to access to exclusive wholesale prices)
  3. We generate a list of friends that you referred to us.  Full transparency: You can see all your friends in our All-in-one Dashboard.
  4. For every order they place today or tomorrow, we automatically kick back a rebate of 5% to you. If you get 20 friends that will mean 100% rebate on the purchase.
  5. Track your results through your Dashboard and get your commissions payout on a monthly basis
Access to your Ambassador Dashboard