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Wine is expensive in Bali. With GoDrinks, it doesn’t have to be.

“The perfect sundowners in Bali.” For most of us, this phrase conjures up ideas of a silken sunset, balmy weather, tropical palms and, of course, an indulgent glass of wine in hand. Sounds like paradise, right?

Unfortunately, this delicious daydream is forever relegated to the realm of fantasy by one thing: the exorbitant price of wine in Bali. Many international tourists have been astonished to find that their favourite wines may cost two to three times more than what they do back home. A mid-range bottle of imported wine, for example, will usually set you back $26 USD or more in Bali! It’s enough to make you turn down your tipple in favour of something cheaper. But what if you didn’t have to? I’m here to spill the cask on why you might just end up paying a pretty penny for your favourite wine in Bali, and why, thankfully, you don’t actually need to.

Taxes mean more money for your Merlot 

Indonesia has one of the highest import tax rates in the world. In 2015, the Indonesian Finance Ministry raised their import and excise tariffs for hard liquor to a wallet-melting markup of 150%. All spirits with high alcohol content are subject to this taxation, so you can expect to pay effectively twice the price for any wine, gin, rum, whiskey or vodka on the island of Bali. And that’s just at the local supermarket. If you choose to tour any of the cocktail bars or restaurants (and why wouldn’t you, the Balinese nightlife is world-renowned), you may end up paying a whopping 200 – 300% product markup. In real terms, that looks like an average of around $10 USD per single glass of wine. Talk about a buzzkill! 

For most businesses, these terrible tariffs mean that importing goods into Bali can be both challenging and costly. And for all of us consumers, it means that we end up shelling out more money for less quality. 

Fine wines or wine fines? 

At this point, becoming a wine connoisseur in Bali may seem pretty ‘brut’al. So why not improvise and bring your own favourite vintages from home? Unfortunately, Balinese customs officials are not too fond of this enterprising attitude. As per Indonesian law, a single tourist is permitted to bring only 1 litre of alcohol into the country, duty-free. On arrival at the airport, all international tourists can expect to have their luggage searched for alcohol exceeding this legal limit. And if you’re caught in flagrante vino, your wine won’t just be confiscated – you could also face a hefty fine of around $10 – $20 USD per bottle (depending on negotiations!). I think I speak for all of us when I say that this is not my ideal version of ‘fine wine’.

GoDrinks has got this 

You may now find yourself asking that (vint)age-old question: “How much am I really willing to spend on my best brand of wine?” In a tropical location like Bali, you pay extra for paradise. But with GoDrinks, you don’t need to: we’ll bring paradise right to your front door, for a fraction of the retail price.

With over 25 years of experience in the wine industry, GoDrinks has established itself as a premium distributor of high-quality products. Drawing from a network of trusted suppliers around the world, we’ve developed a meaningful global presence coupled with a strong purchasing power. Our advanced logistics system allows us to process all of our imports and deliveries personally, without incurring the costs of retail ‘middlemen’. As a result, we’re able to source the very best wines for the very best prices. 

But it’s more than just business with us. Over many years, we’ve carefully cultivated relationships with some of the best vineyards in the world, supporting sustainable practices and family-run farming. After all, good business is the same as good wine: it takes time and effort, but most of all, it takes a lot of love.

All for wine and wine for all
Now, let’s get you back to that picture-perfect sunset in Bali. The swaying palms, the setting sun…and of course, firmly in hand, that delicious glass of vino. Perhaps there’s even a feeling that you’re part of something new – a fresh tropical lifestyle, the beginning of an adventure…and a global family that knows good wine. Cheers to the good life, with GoDrinks.


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