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Bali: where to eat and rest for Russian-speaking tourists

The Indonesian island of Bali has long been a center of attraction for many Russian-speaking tourists from the former Soviet Union. The reason for this is unique in its own way of leisure and lifestyle, which offers strangers to this, perhaps, the legendary island. Some come to Bali for a delightful beach holiday combined with a pleasant climate, some discover Bali for its isolation and remoteness from the bustle of big cities, while others, love its democratic prices and affordability in every sense.

In any case, Bali today is not some remote fairy-tale place at the other end of the world, but a very accessible destination for many Russian-speaking tourists. More to the point, since the outbreak of full-scale war in Ukraine in early 2022, the Indonesian island has become even more desirable for residents from the former Soviet Union. Hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens, not wanting to die in a war unleashed by their government in a neighboring state, decided to leave their homeland and settle somewhere abroad. Many of them found shelter in Bali...

Cuisine and Food in Bali There are many problems that tourists, especially migrants, have to deal with during the first stages of their stay in Bali. One is how to deal with a traditional way of life, food, or something similar. Actually, we should not have any problem with food, because the cuisine in Bali is very suitable for tourists, especially if they eat seafood and exotic fruits.

Speaking of food in Bali, it is slightly easier for tourists who stay at a hotel. Here, tourists will be fed and advised where to eat tasty and healthy Russian-speaking foreigners. Those of our compatriots who are themselves renting accommodation, for example, a villa in Bali, will be a little harder at the first stage. However, this may seem so only at first. The island is full of eateries, from cozy cafes to gourmet restaurants. That's why finding the best menu and budget option shouldn't be difficult. Moreover, some of these institutions are run by immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Here are just a few examples…

Huge Restaurant
Opened in February 2022, Huge has already become a hotspot on the Bali food map. The Russian owner and Ukrainian chef have created a truly unique restaurant that serves delicious European cuisine, a non-trivial gourmet menu, and an exclusive wine list. In addition to the taste component, the restaurant will undoubtedly be remembered for its high-quality service and unforgettable interior.
A huge glamorous hookah bar with a vast choice of tobacco products is at guests' disposal.

Secret Spot chain
Secret Spot opened its first restaurant in Bali in 2015. Secret Spot has positioned itself as a meeting place not only for like-minded vegan gastronomes but also for lifestyle friends. The motto of the management is "We're for clean/organic food, clean surfing, and a clean ocean!"
This spot is a venue for all sorts of events and social activities for many of the island's Russian-speaking visitors.

Hype Bar
If traditional restaurants with their caviar and vegan cafes are not what you are looking for, then you will appreciate all kinds of themed bars in Bali. There are plenty of them for every taste and preference. There are rock bars, K-pop bars, etc. What do they have in common? Music, driving, and ... sushi.
One such bar on the island is Hype. Suitable for everyone who is young not so much in the body as in the mind. Young and ready to remember the old days. Not for nothing, the motto of this popular institution is: "Rebirth, experience, and rediscover! 

Bali's favorite drinks
The places where you can eat and relax in Bali are in abundance. There is no way of telling about them all, and there is no need to. You can get your own idea and choose the best spots for your taste buds only through personal experience.
However, no matter what kind of catering facilities are available, they are not always able to satisfy everyone. After dark, you will be spoilt for choice. But even then you should not despair. Everything is elementarily solved by the online service GoDrinks.
A couple of minutes is all it takes to get your liquor fix on Bali's most popular online service. Whether you are in your luxury hotel room, in a secluded villa, or on a breathtaking beach, a GoDrinks courier delivers a quality drink that guarantees a relaxing holiday.
The GoDrinks online shop also offers its connoisseurs a premium collection of champagnes and vodkas from tried and tested international producers. There is also a range of quality whisky, gin, rum, tequila, beer, and other spirits.
The shop's main highlight is not only its wide range of premium spirits but also its affordable prices. In addition, GoDrinks is constantly running all sorts of promotions for its customers. Place your order today and see for yourself!

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